Cable identification instrument

Cable identification instrument

Type: ZC-701
         The cable identifier is designed for power cable engineers and cable workers to solve the technical problems of cable identification. The user can accurately identify one of the target cables from multiple cables through the instrument, and avoid accidentally sawing the live cable and causing serious accidents. Cable identification starts from the operation of both ends of the cable. It must be ensured that the double number at both ends of the cable is accurate. The instrument is designed with PSK technology. No matter how reliable the memory of the field staff is, it is not a substitute for the identification of professional instruments. This product is only suitable for on-site identification of cables that have been powered off. It is strictly forbidden to connect this cable identifier to the running power cable! The instrument consists of a transmitter, a receiver, and a flexible current clamp.

        The transmitter adopts the pulse current principle to inject a pulse coded current signal into the cable core. The current generates an electromagnetic field around the target cable for detection, decoding and identification by the receiver and the flexible current clamp. Since the current is directional, the detection also has a direction. Sex. The transmitter adopts an integrated special toolbox design, using polypropylene plastic as raw material, adding a new composite filler into one injection molding, which has small density, strength, rigidity, hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and insulation performance. The cabinet can withstand a pressure of about 200kg, and the host large LCD displays the remaining battery power in real time, and the white backlight and the dynamic signal of the transmitting signal are clear at a glance.    
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Product Features
   1. Unique concept, clever design, simple and convenient operation
   2, the discriminating is more sensitive, fast and accurate

Ambient temperature 23℃±1℃
Environmental wet 40%~60%
Measured voltage frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Receiver operating voltage 7.4V±0.5V
Transmitter operating voltage 11.1V±0.5V
External electric field, magnetic field Should be avoided
Cable position to be tested The cable under test is at the approximate geometric center of the flexible coil

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