Cable fault tester

Type: ZC-700A
       The cable fault tester is a new generation of portable cable fault tester designed and manufactured by our company according to user requirements and considered from the field. It adheres to our consistent high-tech, high-precision, high-quality purposes, to raise the level of cable testing to a new level.
       The whole cable fault tester consists of three parts: flashing, tracing and positioning.
       The cable fault tester (flash meter) can be used to detect low resistance, high resistance, short circuit, open circuit, leakage fault and flashover fault of various cables, and can accurately detect the fault point position, cable length and cable of the underground cable. The buried path. It has the characteristics of accurate test, high intelligence, wide adaptability, stable performance, light weight and portability. The instrument adopts Chinese character system, high definition display and friendly interface.
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Product Features
     1.High receiving sensitivity: using a special manufacturing process, the transmission distance is increased, and the instrument can still receive signals clearly.
     2.Low static drift: the core components are imported components, and the performance is reliable.
     3.High positioning accuracy: using quartz crystal oscillator and high-speed signal processing chip for signal sampling and processing to ensure accurate and reliable positioning accuracy
      4. Strong anti-interference ability: Under severe interference conditions, the instrument can still guarantee good performance and work stably.
       5.Easy to carry: Built-in rechargeable battery, suitable for all occasions

Ambient temperature -10℃~40℃
Measurement error Rough measurement error ±1%
Test distance Up to 16km
Shortest test distance (blind area) 1~3m
Sampling rate 25MHz
Power and power consumption AC or DC power supply in the machine; AC 220V±10%, power consumption is not more than 10W; DC 6V/7AH, power consumption is not more than 6W
In-machine transmit pulse width and amplitude 0.2μs,100~120V;2μs,150~160V
Way of working Low-voltage pulse, DC high-voltage flash and impact high-pressure flash
display resolution V/50 m, V is the propagation speed m/μs

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