Multi-function calibrator for electricity meter

Multi-function calibrator for electricity meter

Type: ZC-620B
        The multi-function electric energy meter field calibrator is a high-precision measuring instrument developed by our company for collecting electric energy measurement, electric energy meter calibration, CT variable ratio measurement and fault analysis. The instrument uses imported multi-function electrical parameter measurement chip (integrated DSP controller inside the chip, which makes the data acquisition speed fast and stable), and runs with high-speed CPU control. The measurement accuracy and stability are better than other products. Significantly improved, coupled with high-precision, high-linearity, wide-quantity clamp-type transformers, field wiring is simple, no need to open the power to open directly; on-site power, no need to find a separate power supply. The menu operation is equipped with a Chinese character prompt and a multi-parameter display LCD display interface. The human-machine dialogue interface is friendly and easy to use. The built-in virtual load is switched by the switch to facilitate normal testing of power during small loads. Multi-parameter display, electric energy meter calibration, CT ratio measurement, calibration data storage, real clock, button adjustment factor and other functions provide a favorable judgment basis for fault analysis of low-voltage metering devices, and at the same time, for power departments to smear leakage, find The measuring device fails, correctly measures, and recovers the power to provide a favorable detection means.
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Product Features
      1. The comprehensive error (including energy meter, CT, wiring error) of online real load detection and measurement equipment without power failure, no change of measurement circuit, and no opening of metering equipment.
       2. It can detect the comprehensive error of the metering device (including the basic error of the meter, the transformer error and the wiring error), the basic error of the meter, the CT ratio and various electrical parameters.
        3. Measure voltage, CT primary, secondary current, power, power factor and other electrical parameters, so as to accurately analyze and judge the fault of the measuring equipment loop.
         4. Measure the primary and secondary currents of the CT, so that the ratio and error of the current transformer can be measured.
Input characteristics
Voltage measurement range     0~400V、5OV、100V、200V、400V four automatic switching range.
Current measurement range     0~5A, built-in transformer is divided into 5A (CT) file. A transformer is 5A (Q), 25A (Q),100A(Q),500A(Q).
Phase angle measurement range     0~359.9°

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