Multi-functional electric energy meter field calibrator

Multi-functional electric energy meter field calibrator

Type: ZC-620B
       The instrument adopts large-screen imported color liquid crystal as the display, full-color graphic operation interface and equipped with Chinese character prompt information, multi-parameter display LCD display interface, human-machine dialogue interface friendly, vector diagram display and wiring judgment to check the correctness of the circuit. Provides a reliable basis, the histogram harmonic display interface, convenient and intuitive. Full touch keyboard operation, easy to learn. The built-in large-capacity power-down does not lose the data memory, and the field verification data can be saved. Up to 100 sets of field verification results can be stored. The background microcomputer management software can be provided, and the results can be uploaded to the computer to realize computerized management.
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Product Features
    1. The instrument is a high precision measuring instrument, which can be used in the power quality problems such as the electric energy meter calibration, the electric parameter test and the detection of the power quality problems such as wave distortion, voltage fluctuation and flicker, three-phase unbalance and so on.
    2. Without power failure, without changing the metering circuit; without opening the metering device, on-line test the integrated error of the real load testing and metering equipment.
    3. The precise measurement of voltage, current, active power, no power, phase angle, power factor, frequency, etc. many electric parameters to calculate the measurement error of the test equipment circuit.
    4. Can display the measured voltage and current vector diagram, the user can get the correct connection of the measurement equipment through the analysis of vector diagram. At the same time, in the three-phase three wires connection mode, can automatically determine the 48 connection mode.
    5. The current circuit can be measured using clip on transformer; operating personnel without interrupting current loop can be convenient and safe measure.
    6. Can check voltage meter, current meter, power meter, phase meter and other indicators as well as three-phase three wire, three-phase four wire, single phase 1A, 5A all kinds of active and reactive power meter.
    7. Can use photoelectric, manual, pulse and other methods of electric energy meter calibration.
    8. Measurement and analysis of the power quality of the power supply from the utility grid, the measurement and analysis of the frequency deviation, voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation, flicker, three phase voltage and power grid harmonics.
Input characteristics
Voltage measurement range     0~400V、5OV、100V、200V、400V four automatic switching range.
Current measurement range     0~5A, built-in transformer is divided into 5A (CT) file. A transformer is 5A (Q), 25A (Q),100A(Q),500A(Q).
Phase angle measurement range     0~359.9°

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