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Three phase volt ampere meter
Three phase volt ampere meter

Three phase volt ampere meter

Type: ZC-610C

ZC-610C three-phase phase volt ampere meter is a set of multi-functional measurement, key operation, automatic range switching, measured data retention, measurement data storage, large capacity storage, and can output vector diagram, which is very suitable for differential detection, start-up test field use such as electric energy measurement, electricity inspection, power inspection and substation maintenance, relay protection, etc.

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Product Parameters
Product Features
1. Measure 1-3 channels of AC voltage at the same time;
2. Measure 1-3 channels of AC current at the same time;
3. Measure the phase between voltage, current, voltage and current;
4. Measurement frequency;
5. Power measurement;
6. Display hexagon vector;
7. Three phase unbalance measurement;
8. It has the function of anti harmonic interference. In the case of harmonic, it still keeps the measurement accuracy:
9. The current amplitude and phase measurement can reach a minimum of 1mA. It is very suitable for on load test of main transformer and current measurement of new station or small load station;
10. Automatic range switching;
11. Full isolation of voltage and current sampling;
12. The application can be upgraded through SD card;
13. 3.5-inch color LCD is adopted;
14. The built-in large capacity lithium battery can work continuously for 10 hours without turning off the screen backlight after one charge (turn on the backlight off function, and the standby time is longer).
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