Digital double clamp phase voltammeter

Digital double clamp phase voltammeter

Type: ZC-610A
        The instrument is a high-precision, low-cost, handheld, dual-channel input measuring instrument designed for on-site measurement of voltage, current and phase. This table can easily measure the phase between UU, II and UI on site, distinguish the phase sequence of inductive, capacitive and three-phase voltage, detect the wiring group of the transformer, test the secondary circuit and the busbar protection system. Read out the phase relationship between the CTs of each group of differential protection, check whether the wiring of the meter is correct or not. The current measured by the clamp current transformer is input, so there is no need to disconnect the line under test. When measuring the phase between U1-U2, the two input loops are completely insulated and isolated, thus completely avoiding the short circuit of the tested line caused by the misconnection, which may cause the measuring instrument to burn out. The display uses a high contrast LCD display with a word height of 25mm and a freely convertible screen angle of approximately 70° for optimal viewing.
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Product Features
      1. Withstand voltage: between the voltage input terminal and the case, the clamp current transformer (current clamp) can withstand 1000V/50Hz between the core and the clamp handle and the secondary winding, and can withstand 500V between the two voltage inputs. /50Hz sine wave AC voltage test for 1min
      2. Insulation resistance: between digital double-clamp phase volt-ampere meter line and casing, between two voltage input terminals: ≥10MΩ
Ambient temperature (0~40)℃
environment humidity (20~80)% RH
Measured signal waveform Sine wave, β=0.05
Measured signal frequency (50±0.5)Hz
The position of the measured current carrying wire in the jaw Arbitrarily
External reference frequency electromagnetic field interference Should be avoided

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