Intelligent Long-distance electricity detector

Intelligent Long-distance electricity detector

Type: ZC-603B
ZC-603B Intelligent Long-distance electricity detector is composed of data recorder, high-voltage wireless detection unit, intelligent harness, special loading and unloading tools and special portable box, in which high-voltage wireless detection unit can realize live loading and unloading.
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Product Features
1. The high-voltage wireless detection unit monitors the primary side current of the line and transmits it to the data recorder through wireless communication:
2. The data recorder communicates with the secondary side meter to record and monitor the voltage circuit and current circuit in real time. When the abnormal phenomena such as under voltage, loss of voltage, shunt, open circuit, phase shift, strong magnetic interference, loss of power are detected, the alarm information will be sent to the set mobile phone by SMS;
3. The data recorder monitors the actual load and metering load once. If the deviation is greater than the fixed value, it will determine that the user's power load is abnormal. At this time, the remote inspector will send alarm information to the set mobile phone through SMS.
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