Intelligent two-way zone identifier

Intelligent two-way zone identifier

Type: ZC-602
       This product is a patented product developed based on power line zero-crossing power line communication technology. This product consists of a transmitter host and a handheld terminal. The user uses the transmitter to send the phase information and the device number information to the distribution network on the low-voltage side of the change station, and can accurately receive the phase and device number information by using the handheld terminal within the power supply radius of the change station.
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Product Features
       1.The instrument adopts aluminum alloy portable integrated box design, which has good mechanical performance and anti-corrosion performance. The weight of the whole machine is light, and the terminal can be placed in the main body box, which is very suitable for carrying and using on site.
       2.Both the terminal and the host adopt a large-screen dot-matrix liquid crystal display, which is displayed in all simplified Chinese. It is intuitive to operate and has a backlight for easy use in dark places.
       3.The terminal and the host are flexibly configured. There is no binding relationship. You do not need to reset the configuration. The host number can be flexibly changed through the keyboard to enable user identification in multiple power distribution areas under complex conditions.
       4.The host has a true power supply mis-connection protection function. When the 220V power supply is misconnected to 380V, the instrument will automatically cut off the safety of the circuit protection instrument and the operator.
       5.The terminal has a countdown reminder function and an audible prompt (after receiving the signal), which is very convenient for the user to use.

Rated voltage 3×220V
Rated frequency 50Hz
voltage AC 220V, deviation -5% to +20%
Power consumption Transmitter ≤6W Handheld terminal ≤2W
Environmental conditions Standard operating temperature is -30 ° C ~ +55 ° C, relative humidity: ≤ 75%
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