Two-Way Transformer Area Identification Instrument

Two-Way Transformer Area Identification Instrument

Type: ZC-602
    ZC-602 two-way transformer district identification device is a new generation of high reliability identification tool fully meets the area user identification and phase attribute recognition, the product based on power frequency over zero communication patented technology, with strong anti-interference and point to point communication capacity and far communication distance. This product is mainly used in the area of the distribution network of the census, transformer district contract, electricity inspection, production scheduling and operation and maintenance, and other fields.
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Product Features
        1. The instrument adopts aluminum alloy portable integrated box body design, has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, the whole weight of the whole machine is light, the terminal can be placed in the main body, which is very suitable to carry and use at the scene.
        2. Terminal and the host are used in large screen dot matrix liquid crystal display, display all simplified Chinese, intuitive operation and with a background lamp, convenient for use in the shadow of the light.
        3. Flexible configuration of the terminal and the host, there is no binding relationship, the configuration does not need to re set. The host number can be changed flexibly by the keyboard, so that the user identification of the multi distribution power supply area under the complicated condition can be realized.
        4. The host has the real power protection function, when the 220V power supply is mistakenly connected with 380V; the instrument will quickly and automatically cut off the circuit protection equipment and operator safety.
        5.With the function of countdown prompts and voice prompts (after receiving the signal) when the terminal is waiting, very convenient for users.
Rated voltage 3×220V
Rated frequency 50Hz
voltage AC 220V, deviation -5% to +20%
Power consumption Transmitter ≤6W Handheld terminal ≤2W
Environmental conditions Standard operating temperature is -30 ° C ~ +55 ° C, relative humidity: ≤ 75%
Recognition accuracy 100%
Communication distance >2km
total weight 5.8Kg
Main unit 340mm × 270mm × 125mm Terminal: 142mm × 82mm × 40mm

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