Handheld Three-phase Meter

Handheld Three-phase Meter

Type: ZC-601
    ZC-601 hand-held three-phase electricity tester is a low voltage electrical diagnosis can metering is normal, and both intelligent electric can meter calibration and with electrical supervision function, performance to price than high intelligent instrument.
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Product Features
    1.Using high precision A/D (16 bits), the acquisition rate is high and the precision is high;
    2.Using ARM kernel, processing speed, software function is rich greatly improve the test efficiency;
    3.The 3.2 inch color LCD Chinese characters under the sun, clear display;
    4.Automatic or manual calibration of single phase, three-phase three wire, three-phase four wire active and reactive full series of electric energy meter;
    5.Automatic calibration of low-voltage metering device of CT ratio, angle difference, comprehensive error and low pressure metering device;
    6.Real- time measurement of AC voltage, AC current, power, frequency, power factor, phase and other electrical parameters;
    7.Visual display vector diagram, provide common error wiring identification tips;
    8.Using high performance lithium battery power supply, a charge for 8 hours;
    9.Carry out the word error test of electric energy meter at the scene;
    10.Can save 200 sets of measurement data, and can be viewed on the instrument, the shutdown data is not lost;
Voltage 1~500V
Current 0.001~10A
Active power 0.001~5000W
Reactive power 0.001~5000VAR
frequency 45~65Hz
Phase 0~360 degree
weight 3.2kg

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