Water internal cooling generator DC HV generator

Water internal cooling generator DC HV generator

Type: ZC-541
ZC-541 water internal cooling generator DC high voltage generator adopts intermediate frequency voltage multiplier circuit. It takes the lead in the application of the latest PWM technology and high power IGBT devices. According to the theory of electromagnetic compatibility, special shielding, isolation and grounding measures are adopted. The special leakage current tester for water-cooled generator is of high quality, portable and can withstand rated voltage discharge without damage.
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Product Features
1. Using intermediate frequency double voltage circuit, taking the lead in applying the latest PWM pulse width modulation technology and high-power LGBT devices, and according to the electromagnetic compatibility theory, adopting special shielding, isolation and grounding measures, the instrument realizes high quality, portable, and can withstand the rated voltage discharge without damage;
2. Large voltage feedback is adopted to greatly improve the voltage stability. At the same time, the inverter frequency is increased, and the volume and weight of the instrument and the double pressure cylinder are reduced. More portable;
3. LCD 320x240 dot matrix large screen with timer is adopted for data display;
5. It adopts high-quality components such as the United States, Japan and the international chassis made in Germany, with strong anti-interference ability, beautiful and practical;
6. The double pressure cylinder is developed by German technology, and the medium frequency transformer is specially designed by relevant experts, with small volume and large capacity;
7. The special design greatly increases the output current and power of the instrument to meet the requirements of large capacity load.
ZC-541 water internal cooling generator DC high voltage generator is designed and manufactured for the leakage current and DC withstand voltage test of the water-cooled generator. Due to the large conduction current of the winding of the large-scale water-cooled generator, it needs about 20-150ma under the test voltage. If there is not enough capacity of DC high-voltage generator, it cannot be boosted. At present, the output current of domestic DC high-voltage tester is generally within 10 Ma, and the high-voltage generator with output current of 200 Ma is blank. For general high-voltage electrical equipment, DC test can find the through defects of its insulation, while for motor, it can uniquely find its local insulation defects (stator coil end insulation), which cannot be replaced by other tests. In order to accurately measure the leakage current of the water-cooled generator set, nrzv series special leakage current tester for the water-cooled generator specially designed the compensation circuit test of various interference currents, which can completely eliminate the influence of stray current and polarization potential interference of the water collecting pipe, and truly measure the current of the test object.
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