Insulated rod gloves and boots tool pressure test bench

Insulated rod gloves and boots tool pressure test bench

Type: ZC-508
      The device adopts multi-channel high-voltage leakage test and patented infrared data communication technology; therefore, it can achieve the purpose of safely measuring high-voltage leakage current. Due to the application of these technologies, the test device is completely isolated from the high voltage system, which not only accurately measures the high-channel leakage current of the multi-channel, but also ensures the safety of the test operator.
       Eight appliances can be tested at the same time to increase work efficiency. Patented high voltage interrupt technology to avoid repeated testing. During the test, the puncture debris can be separated from the high pressure system and the remaining debris will be tested without puncture until the test is completed.
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Product Features
      1.Insulated boots or insulated gloves can detect 8 pieces at the same time, and the leakage current can be detected separately.
      2.Use the large LCD display to display more information. Eight-channel parameters such as high-voltage leakage current, test voltage, test current, and recording time can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
      3.It can measure the test voltage, primary current and other parameters of the test transformer.
      4.The operator station adopts patented infrared data communication technology and is completely isolated from the high voltage system to ensure the safety of operators.
      5.The dielectric withstand voltage test is an automatic test. After the test starts, it should be automatically turned on, and then the voltage is raised to the preset voltage according to the speed required by national standards. When the preset voltage is reached, the instrument begins recording time and maintains the test voltage. When the time is up, the voltage should be reduced to zero, the power supply should be turned off, and the leakage current of each test piece should be displayed, and the test result will be automatically saved.
TypeRated output voltage 50 kV 
Rated capacity 5 kVA 
Output voltage measuring range 50.0 kV(250V)
Leakage current measuring range 25.0mA 
Leakage current measuring tolerance  ±(0.5%I+2 counts), among which I is displayed

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