Electronic multi-frequency voltage withstand device

Electronic multi-frequency voltage withstand device

Type: ZC-506
        ZC-506 electronic multi-frequency voltage withstand device is also called multi-frequency induction withstand voltage test device and multi-frequency withstand voltage test device. Inductive withstand voltage test of transformer and transformer is an important factor to ensure product quality meets national standards. test. The longitudinal insulation induction withstand voltage test of the transformer windings between the turns, between the layers, between the sections and between the phases is an important item in the transformer insulation test. The longitudinal insulation test requires a test voltage and a withstand voltage test by a frequency multiplying power supply device.
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Product Features
     1. The device adopts power electronic technology, and the internal core part uses a frequency conversion regulator;
     2. Parameter preset, protection setting, frequency selection, voltage adjustment control, etc., all adopt digital control technology;
     3. built-in computer, 8-inch color LCD display, data storage can reach 3200 groups;
     4. It adopts touch operation mode and is equipped with thermal printer for Chinese character printing;
      5.can preset 50Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz test frequency (optional), touch mode to adjust the voltage (step size can be adjusted in real time, select 1V, 2V, 5V, 10V), can achieve the multi-frequency test of the device Voltage output
Input voltage     AC,three-phase,380V±10%
    Note: when single-phase 220V is used, the output capacity is halved.
Output voltage     0~500V Note: Using step-up transformer,the voltage more higher.
Output frequency     50Hz,100Hz,150Hz,200Hz
Waveform distortion rate     <3%

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