capacitor voltage divider

Type: ZC-503C
        Through real-time signal waveform analysis and amplitude-frequency calculation, the instrument can accurately determine the breakdown point, maintain the highest voltage value of the breakdown time, and immediately protect it, while the relay switch provides the user with control signals and is equipped with an audible alarm. system. This design adopts advanced anti-electromagnetic compatibility design, which makes the products work reliably for a long time under various high electric field and magnetic field environment, and is at the leading technical level among similar products at home and abroad.
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Product Features
       1. Performance: Reduce test current, low power consumption, make the product small in size, light in weight, stable in performance, high in measurement accuracy, and reach the precise range of users.
       2.The special cable of the instrument is placed in the aluminum alloy box, which is safe and reliable, and is easy to carry and transport. For the sake of itself, the performance is stable.
       3.The instrument adopts organic composite insulation jacket, which increases the surface creepage distance, greatly reduces the height of the product and makes it more convenient to carry.

DC signal DC 0 ---- 1000V peak
input resistance >1MΩ 
Working power parameter 220V / 20VA 
Working temperature -15°C ---- 55°C
Packaging setting range 0.01 ----- 99999.99KV

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