AC Dielectric Test

Type: ZC-501A
       This series of transformers uses advanced production equipment, using wire-wound epoxy vacuum casting and cd-type iron core, in order to reduce weight and volume, improve insulation strength and moisture resistance level, effectively weaken the leakage magnet and cause greatly Enhanced the ability to withstand the effects of short-circuit currents on the transformer.
       The advantages of this series of products are small size, beautiful appearance, stable performance, convenient use and carrying, especially suitable for on-site operation. It is a new generation of AC and DC high voltage test transformer in China. This series of products is suitable for power system and power field testing of all electrical equipment insulation performance test, high voltage power supply for all electrical voltage system or DC high voltage small current equipment insulation performance test.
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Product Features
       1. Oil-immersed test transformer has excellent material selection, reliable quality and good stability;
       2. Large voltage margin, small corona sound and small local discharge;
       3.the use of new insulation materials, small volume, light weight.
impedance voltage ≤ 12%
 output voltage waveform: sine wave
 surface temperature <55 ℃
no-load current <4%
 allows the continuous running time 1 hour

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