Battery internal resistance tester

Battery internal resistance tester

Type: ZC-422
       Battery Internal Resistance Tester This accumulator internal resistance tester generally uses a color resistive touch screen. Easy to use and operate with your finger or stylus. It is portable and the data can be quickly and accurately known.
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Product Features
      1. Battery internal resistance tester
      It is portable and the data can be quickly and accurately known. The instrument can store and process battery voltage and internal resistance data. It will alert you to any battery failure. We can check the data, download data and delete data on the instrument.
      2. Main function of battery/battery internal resistance tester
      Store 999 data. Users can check, download and delete data
      Storage method: internal storage or SD card (no need to download data)
      Download the data. Transfer data to a computer with an SD card
      User-friendly operation. Simple and clear, each step will display a prompt for reference
      Powerful data management software. Friendly board. Provide data management, printing, analysis, reporting, etc.

Measure accuracy Internal resistance: ±0.5%rdg  ±6dgt
Voltage: ±0.2%rdg  ±6dgt
Power source 12V, chargeable Li-battery
Consumption 8 hours standby mode
Storage volume 64Mbit Flash + 8G SD card
LCD 5”colour touch screen
Dim 220 x 170 x 52mm
Weight 1.1Kg

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