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Accumulator Internal Resistance Tester
Accumulator Internal Resistance Tester

Accumulator Internal Resistance Tester

Type: ZC-422

ZC-422 Accumulator Internal Resistance Tester is a portable digital storage testing instrument for fast and accurate measurement of battery health status, charging status and connecting resistance parameters. Through on-line testing, the instrument can display and record important parameters such as voltage, internal resistance and capacity of single or multiple batteries, accurately and effectively pick out backward batteries, and generate test reports with computer and dedicated batteries data management software, track the decay trend of batteries, and provide maintenance suggestions. Suitable for battery maintenance and inspection with communication base station, substation and UPS. Used for battery acceptance, battery assembly and routine inspection.

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Product Parameters
Measure range Internal resistance: 0.000mΩ-99.999mΩ
Voltage: 0.000v--25v
Min. resolution Internal resistance: 0.001mΩ
Voltage: 1mV
Measure accuracy Internal resistance: ±0.5%rdg  ±6dgt
Voltage: ±0.2%rdg  ±6dgt
Power source 12V, chargeable Li-battery
Consumption 8 hours standby mode
Storage volume 64Mbit Flash + 8G SD card
LCD 5”colour touch screen
Dim 220 x 170 x 52mm
Weight 1.1Kg

Product Features
       Main function:
       1.Store 999 data. Users can check, download and delete data
       2.Storage way: Internal storage or SD card (It’s unnecessary to download data)
       3.Download data. Transfer data to computer by SD card
       4.Humanized operation. Easy and clear, every step will display tips for reference
       5.Powerful data manage software. Friendly board. Provide the data management, printing, analysis, report, etc
       Main feature
       1.High accuracy online test, large volume data
          a. Instrument test range is 0.000mΩ-99.999mΩ
          b. Store 999 units battery information permanent (Each unit including batteries up to 500 pieces)
          c. Each report can indicate 500 pieces batteries information permanently
          d. Battery volume test range: 5AH-6000AH
       2.5”colour touch LCD. Chinese information modular operation. Great conversational interface
       3.Instrument can display chart and analyze column charts
       4.It can analyze volume and verify the battery quality level-better, good, bad.
       5.It will display wave. Tell us practical battery highest, lowest and average power. Power wave (optional)
       6.Via SD card port all test data can be stored in PC permanently. Track and analyze the battery “medical record”
       7.Powerful data management. The instrument can be used separately without computer
       8.Strong overload protection on power. Make it work more reliable
       9.Recover overcurrent fault protection create more convenience
      10.Utilized latest SOC chip simplified circuit increase the reliability
      11.Large volume battery and adapter supply power together to convene user
      12.Smart warning on low power ensure test accuracy
      13.Small foot print, light weight 
      14.Automatic test mode convene user to measure
      15.Perfect PC test data analysis software
           a. Automatic analysis on battery “worse” status

           b. Record the history repot describe the battery quality curve

           c. Compare and analyze battery in same group

           d. Manage all batteries by different grades (Better, good, general, bad)

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