Battery activation device

Type: ZC-421
       This equipment is a special equipment activated when the battery voltage is 2V, 6V or 12V, due to the capacity of the valve-regulated lead-acid battery (hereinafter referred to as the battery) caused by the plate crystal. With battery "activation", "check discharge", "automatic charging" and other functions.
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Product Features
      1.Data save mode: internal save and external save (SD card)
      2.Automatic recovery of overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat protection
      3.Activation function: cell activation in online floating or offline state. The user should set the activation and cycle times, the single activation charging time, and the protection voltage parameters before activation; the battery voltage, charge and discharge current, charge and discharge capacity, charge and discharge time, etc. can be displayed; the user can set the activation cycle or manually stop the activation.
      4. Discharge function: Constant current discharge of the battery. The user should set the discharge time, discharge capacity, cut-off voltage, etc. before discharge; display discharge current, battery discharge capacity, battery voltage, discharge time, etc.; users can manually stop the discharge
      5.Charging function: When the battery is floating charge or offline, it can perform automatic charging of the battery. The user should set the charging current, charging time, cutoff voltage, etc. The instrument can display the current charging, battery charging capacity, battery voltage, charging time. Etc; the user can manually stop charging.
Measure accuracy Internal resistance: ±0.5%rdg  ±6dgt
Voltage: ±0.2%rdg  ±6dgt
Power source 12V, chargeable Li-battery
Consumption 8 hours standby mode
Storage volume 64Mbit Flash + 8G SD card
LCD 5”colour touch screen

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