Large grounding grid grounding resistance tester

Large grounding grid grounding resistance tester

Type: ZC-413
       The large grounding grounding resistance tester is a special instrument for measuring the grounding conduction between the grounding resistance of the grounding grid and the grounding point. The instrument adopts frequency conversion anti-interference technology, which does not require large current measurement. It can measure accurate data of 50Hz under the strong interference environment of substation. The measurement result is displayed by liquid crystal display, and the micro-printer can print out. The instrument can measure the grounding impedance and grounding resistance at the same time, which can more accurately reflect the actual characteristics of the grounding grid.
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Product Features
        1. The measured power frequency equivalence is good. The test current waveform is a sine wave, and the frequency differs only from the power frequency by a minimum of 0.25 Hz and a maximum of 5 Hz. It can be used for measurement at 50Hz or 60Hz.
         2. Strong anti-interference ability. The instrument adopts the different frequency method to measure, and with the modern software and hardware filtering technology, the instrument has high anti-interference performance, and the test data is stable and reliable.
         3. High measurement accuracy. The basic error is only 0.005Ω, which can be used to measure the earth's network with low ground impedance.
         4, powerful. It can measure current pile, voltage pile, ground grid impedance, grounding resistance, grounding conduction, soil resistivity and so on.
         5, the operation is simple. Full Chinese menu operation, directly showing the measurement results.
         6, wiring labor is small, no need for large current lines.

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