dc system grounding fault detector

dc system grounding fault detector

Type: ZC-410
         At present, the core problem of power system DC power ground fault elimination is that the field interference is large. Different DC power supplies and measurement results under different working conditions have poor anti-interference ability, which is prone to false detection and misjudgment. This is the biggest drawback of this series and the most common phenomenon. However, our products have successfully solved the interference problem and enabled us to gain a foothold in the market. The HZGZ-IV portable DC ground fault locator (split type) uses sinusoidal signal phase advance technology and data transmission algorithm. It is portable and offers online performance. The instrument has the characteristics of high detection sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, small volume, light weight and convenient use. When the DC system is grounded, there is no need to disconnect the power supply to locate the ground point. The instrument can detect the grounding resistance of the DC system and its grounding direction. It is a reliable and high-precision instrument for finding and locating the ground fault of the power system.
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Product Features
      1. The instrument is composed of an analyzer and a ground fault locator. The analyzer can be directly connected to the power supply from the busbar without the need to access the AC power system or battery.
      2.It can completely locate the ground fault of the DC system, eliminate the excessive interference of the distributed capacitance in the field, and accurately lock the grounding area in a small range.
      3.Suitable for grounding caused by AC/DC string, ring network power grounding, diode isolated power grounding and high grounding resistance.
      4.Automatic detection is achieved by simply opening and closing the jaws of the current clamp, and the instrument also prevents false alarms.

Signal receiver Signal current measurement sensitivity     0.5mA
Display of receiver     number 0~19
Dimension     195mm×100mm×30mm
 Dimension     38mm×69mm×30mm

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