Generator rotor ac impedance tester

Generator rotor ac impedance tester

Type: ZC-401B
        The alternator rotor ac impedance tester is a special instrument to judge whether the alternator rotor winding has short-circuit between turns. It can measure the voltage, current, impedance, power, phase Angle and other parameters of the rotor winding automatically and manually (one-way or two-way).
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Product Features
       1. Fully automatic collection, measurement, display, storage and printing of all measurement parameters and impedance characteristic curves (voltage, current, impedance, power, frequency, equipment number, time, etc.).
       2, automatic acquisition of real-time generator speed (need speed sensor support), according to the speed of the issue of speed impedance characteristic curve, fully reflect the transformer impedance state.
      3, large range, can fully automatic and manual measurement of all generator rotor ac impedance and characteristic curve.
      4, the built-in storage of large capacity, can store test data, and through the standard industrial communication interface (RS232) upload to the PC, the use of the company's random software to achieve data download, automatic generation and editing of the typical test report, convenient for technical management and archiving.
      5. Perfect over-voltage and over-current protection functions, in which the over-voltage protection value is automatically adjusted according to the setting of test parameters, which is simple and can ensure the safety of the tested equipment.

    1 The tester is characterized by ultra-wide measuring range, which can fully automatically or manually measure AC impedance and their characteristic curves of all the generator rotors.

    2. The tester has built-in storage with super-large capacity, which can store the test data. and upload the data to PC through the standard industrial communication interface (RS232). The downloading of data, automatic generation and compiling of typical test reports can be achieved using the software attached with the tester which was developed by our company, so as to facilitate technical management and archiving.

    3. The tester has perfect over-voltage and over-current protection functions, in which the over-current and over-voltage protection thresholds can be automatically adjusted in accordance with the settings of the test parameters. Due to these characteristics, the device is simple and can ensure the safety of the equipment under test.
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