SF6 intelligent moisture teste

Type: ZC-311
       Zc-311 SF6 intelligent moisture meter is developed and designed according to the national power industry standard DL/ t506-2007 "insulation gas humidity measurement method for sulfur hexafluoride electrical equipment", and adopts the imported high-precision dew point sensor and the latest digital circuit control technology. It is a high-precision intelligent instrument to measure the trace moisture content of SF6 gas.
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Product Features
      1. High stability: under severe interference conditions, the measured data can be stable within the range of ±0.5℃, with excellent long-term stability and good repeatability;
       2. High precision: the original imported high-performance dew point sensor and high-speed analog-to-digital converter are used to achieve the highest resolution of 0.1℃, which fully meets the actual measurement requirements. The measurement results are accurate and reliable within the full range, with wide measurement range, fast response speed and stable and reliable measurement results.
       3, intelligent: starting self-calibration, sensor probe can automatically calibrate zero, automatically eliminate the system error caused by zero drift, ensure the accuracy of measurement; Test curve tracking display function;
       4, multiple protection: with oil filter device, free from dust particles and most chemical pollution, anti-oil protection sensor, very suitable for industrial environment. The protector can effectively protect the sensor probe of dew point and prolong its service life.
Working Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Humidity 0~100% RH
Power AC 220V
built-in rechargeable battery
Battery Performance At least 20 hours of charging provides 10 hours continuous work
Weight 3kg

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