SF6 gas quantitative leak detector

SF6 gas quantitative leak detector

Type: ZC-311B
The principle of SF6 gas quantitative leak detector is as follows: when the concentration of sulfur hexafluoride gas contained in the air changes, the ionization degree of the mixed gas under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic field will also be different, and the concentration of sulfur hexafluoride can be reflected by the ionization degree detected.
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Product Features
        1. Small size and light weight. This instrument USES light materials as far as possible, and compresses the space and weight of the instrument, which greatly reduces the volume and weight of the instrument, and facilitates transportation and carrying.
        2. High precision SF6 gas leakage detector is light and compact, which can detect high leakage points and move in a large range;
        3. High sensitivity. The optimal design is adopted in the circuit to reduce the noise and electromagnetic interference and improve the sensitivity.
        4. Wide measuring range, multi-shift. The instrument can detect the air leakage amount of SF6 within the leakage rate range of SF6 switching device. It can switch and select multiple levels and give the standard curve of each level. It can detect the leakage quantitatively and qualitatively.
The power supply     AC 220V
    The built-in rechargeable battery
pressure     0~1MPa
The weight of the     3.5kg
size     25mm0×100mm×300mm
Working temperature     -40℃~+80℃

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