Automatic SF6 relay calibrator

Type: ZC-310
        Zc-310 automatic SF6 density relay calibrator is an intelligent SF6 gas density relay calibrator. The calibrator USES high precision pressure sensor and high rate A/D converter, combined with 32-bit high performance microprocessor, to verify the performance of various SF6 gas density relays.
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Product Features
      1. High test accuracy: core components adopt imported components with high integration degree, high precision, good repeatability and high reliability;
      2. Highly intelligent: the calibration process does not need constant greenhouse, and SF6 gas density relay and pressure gauge can be calibrated in any effective temperature range. The pressure and temperature dynamic compensation algorithm is used to automatically complete the pressure measurement and 20℃ equivalent pressure value conversion, and display the pressure at the current temperature, 20℃ equivalent pressure, completely solve the problem of field calibration of SF6 gas density relay;
      3, powerful function: can simultaneously test a set of alarm signals, two groups of locking signals, and with normal temperature pressure gauge and 20 degree pressure gauge calibration function;
      4. Friendly man-machine interface: large Chinese LCD screen and rotating mouse man-machine interface are configured, with simple operation, beautiful interface and clear all parameters and state. Automatic completion of the instrument during the test process, no manual intervention is needed to avoid cumbersome manual air path adjustment operation;
instrument power 55W
Instrument precision 0.2
Pressure detection range 0~1MPa
Pressure resolution 0.001MPa
Temperature display range -20℃~80℃
Temperature resolution 0.1C
Instrument operating temperature -10℃~60℃
Humidity 90%RH

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