Automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester

Automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester

Type: ZC-221
        Zc-221 automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester is a high-precision instrument for fully automatic measurement of dielectric loss tangent value and capacitance of various high-voltage power equipment in power plants and substations. The frequency conversion technology can ensure the accurate measurement under the strong electric field interference. The instrument is operated by Chinese menu, and the whole process is measured by microcomputer automatically.
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Product Features
       1. The instrument adopts complex current method to measure capacitance, dielectric loss and other parameters. The precision of the test results is high, which is convenient for automatic measurement.
       2. The instrument adopts frequency conversion technology to eliminate 50Hz power frequency interference in the field, and reliable data can be measured even in the environment of strong electromagnetic interference.
       3. The instrument adopts large-screen liquid crystal display, and the test process is intuitive and easy to operate through Chinese menu prompts.
       4. The instrument is easy to operate, and the measurement process is controlled by the microprocessor. As long as the appropriate measurement method is selected, the data measurement can be completed automatically under the control of the microprocessor.
Resolving power tgδ:0.01% Cx:1pF
Measuring range 0.1%<tgδ<100%
When it is 10kV,Cx≤30000PF
When it is 5kV,Cx≤60000PF
 Power supply AC 220V±10% 50±1Hz
Measurement method Power frequency:50Hz
Pilot frequency:45Hz/55Hz  Automatic frequency conversion
Harmonic adaptation ≤3%

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