Automatic Water-Soluble Acid Analyzer

Automatic Water-Soluble Acid Analyzer

Type: ZC-219
         ZC-219 automatic water-soluble acid analyzer is designed for measuring transformer oil, turbine oil , fuel oil and other petroleum products, anti- water-soluble acid (pH) of . High degree of automation equipment , just like oil and water injection in accordance with the standard provisions , the instrument will be in strict accordance with the provisions of the order of standard heating , vibration, water separation, extraction double water samples were added to the two indicator ( bromocresolbromocresol green and purple ) , the color , colorimetric measurement , display and print the measurement results .
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Product Features
        1.Improve the efficiency and precision while reducing user contacts the sample and reagents , to maximize the protection of their personal safety.
        2.No manual measurement , just the sample and water into the sample cup , the device will automatically injections, heating oscillation , determination, discharge, display results and other processes.
        3.Once started can be determined from 1 to 3 samples can be measured in the sample required , easy to use , simple to select according to user requirements .
Test Range  PH3.8 ~ 7.0
measurement error ≤±  0.05PH
Repeatability  ≤0.05PH
Temperature  10 ℃  ~ 45 ℃
Applicable humidity ≤85% RH
Power source AC220V / 50HZ
Power  500W

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