Insulation gas chromatograph analyzer

Insulation gas chromatograph analyzer

Type: ZC-215
        ZC-215 insulation gas chromatograph is a kind of separation and analysis technology of multi - component mixture. It mainly USES the difference of boiling point, polarity and adsorption coefficient of each component in the chromatographic column to separate the components in the chromatographic column, and carries on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the separated components.
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Product Features
        1. Advanced 10/100m adaptive Ethernet communication interface and built-in IP protocol stack enable the instrument to easily realize long-distance data transmission through enterprise Intranet and Internet; It facilitates the establishment of laboratories, simplifies the configuration of laboratories, and facilitates the management of analytical data.
         2, instrument internal design process of three separate connection, can connect to the local processing site (laboratory), unit director (such as quality inspection section chief, production factory director, etc.), and supervisor (e.g., environmental protection bureau, bureau of technical supervision, etc.), you can easily make unit director and supervisor real-time monitoring instrument is running and analysis data;
         3, the selected NetChromTM workstation can support the work of multiple chromatographic analyzers at the same time, to achieve data processing and control, simplify document management, and effectively reduce the user's laboratory investment and operating costs;
         4. The system has Chinese and English operating systems, and users can switch according to their own needs;
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