Insulation oil moisture meter

Insulation oil moisture meter

Type: ZC-212
       ZC-212  insulation oil moisture meter adopts powerful new generation processor and brand new peripheral circuit, with excellent low power consumption. As the criterion of the end of electrolysis, the stability and accuracy of the measured electrode signal are the key factors affecting the measuring accuracy. The accurate detection of the measured electrode signal is realized by using advanced devices and methods. Further understanding of the characteristics of electrolyte, a new software compensation algorithm is proposed to improve the measurement accuracy. Chinese graphic liquid crystal display, display interface intuitive and friendly.
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Product Features
      1. Use blank current compensation and balance point drift compensation to correct the measurement results;
      2. Original switch constant-current electrolysis technology to reduce the power consumption of the whole machine;
      3. With the function of open electrode and short circuit self-check and alarm;
      4. Built-in high-speed thermal sensitive micro printer, beautiful and fast printing, with offline printing function;
      5. Automatic addition and drainage function (optional);
      6. Equipped with standard RC232 interface, which can be connected with the computer to facilitate the processing of test data (optional);
No. Name Type Unit Quantity
1 Micro water meter   set 1
2 Electrolytic cell   set 1
3 Power cord   set 1
4 Thermal printing paper   pcs 1
5 Stir   pcs 1
6 Micro sampler (0.5ul)   pcs 1
7 Micro sampler (50ul)   pcs 1
8 Micro sampler (1ml)   pcs 1
9 Silicone pad   pcs 10

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