precision oil medium tester

precision oil medium tester

Type: ZC-211
       ZC-211  precision oil dielectric loss tester is used to measure dielectric loss factor and dc resistivity of liquid insulating medium such as insulating oil. Integrated structure. Internal integration of dielectric oil cup, temperature controller, temperature sensor, dielectric test bridge, ac test power supply, standard capacitor, high resistance meter, dc high voltage source and other main components.
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Product Features
        1.The instrument adopts intermediate frequency induction heating and PID temperature control algorithm. This heating method has the advantages of non-contact between oil cup and heating body, uniform heating, fast speed, convenient control and so on, and makes the temperature strictly controlled within the preset temperature error range.

        2. The internal standard capacitor is SF6 gas-filled three-electrode capacitor. The dielectric loss and capacitance of this capacitor are not affected by ambient temperature, humidity, etc., so that the precision of the instrument can still be guaranteed after a long time of use.
        3.AC test power supply adopts ac-dc-ac conversion mode, which can effectively avoid the influence of voltage and frequency fluctuation of mains electricity on the accuracy of dielectric loss test, and the instrument can operate correctly even when the generator is generating electricity.
        4.Perfect protection function. When there is overvoltage, overcurrent, high voltage short circuit, the instrument can quickly cut off the high voltage, and give warning information. A warning message is issued when the temperature sensor fails or is not connected. A finite temperature relay is set in the medium frequency induction heating furnace. When the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, the relay releases and the heating stops.

 Measuring range Electric capacity 5pF - 200pF
Relative permittivity  1.000~30.000
Dielectric loss factor  0.00001~100
DC Resistivity 2.5 MΩm~20 TΩm
Measurement accuracy Electric capacity
± (1% of measuring value+0.5pF)
Relative permittivity
±1% of measuring value
Dielectric dissipation factor
± (1% of measuring value+0.0001)

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