Automatic dielectric strength tester for insulation oil

Automatic dielectric strength tester for insulation oil

Type: ZC-210B
      Zc-210b automatic insulation oil dielectric strength tester is our company's all scientific research and technical personnel, according to the national standard GB/T 507-1986 and the line standard DL/T 474.4-2006, DL/T 596-1996, play its own advantages, after many field tests and long-term unremitting efforts, carefully developed high accuracy, all digital industrial instruments.
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Product Features
       1. The instrument is controlled by single-chip microcomputer with large capacity, and works stably and reliably;
       2, a variety of operation options, the instrument program is equipped with gb507-1986, gb507-2002 two national standard methods and custom operation, can adapt to different users of a variety of choices;
       3. The instrument oil cup is cast and formed by special glass in one time, eliminating the occurrence of oil leakage and other interference phenomena;
       4. The unique high-voltage sampling design of the instrument allows the test value to directly enter the A/D converter, avoiding errors caused in the analog circuit and making the measurement results more accurate;
       5. The instrument has internal protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit, and has strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility;
Voltage boosting speed 2kV/s±10%
Accuracy degree 3
Number of times of continuous test 1~9
Stirring time 0~99 seconds 
Standing time 0~9 minutes 59 seconds
data storage Can store 100 groups data.
Voltage limit setting 20kV~70kV

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