Special ratio tester

Type: ZC-203C
         Zc-203c special transformer ratio tester is the latest third-generation professional transformer ratio tester launched by wuhan zhizhuo t&c in 2012, which can be used for three-phase transformer testing of power system, especially for z-winding transformer, rectifier transformer and balance transformer testing. It is an ideal instrument for transformer ratio, group, polarity and Angle testing in power system, transformer manufacturer and railway electrical system.
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Product Features
       1. The instrument is equipped with lithium battery, which can be used for variable ratio test on site without external power supply. At least 100 transformers can be tested by one charge.
       2. Standard single-phase and three-phase power sources with stable amplitude and constant phase are integrated in the instrument.
       3. The internal standard power supply has large output power and maximum 5A output, which is especially suitable for low-voltage transformer testing and semi-finished product turns testing in the manufacturing process of CT and PT.
       4. Accurately and rapidly test the turns ratio, turns ratio error and phase difference of current transformer (CT) and voltage transformer (PT).
External interference no special strong vibration, no special strong electromagnetic field
Power supply 160VAC~280VAC,45Hz~55Hz
Output range 20V:Voltage0~20V  Current 0~10V
50V:Voltage0~ 50V   Current0~5A
The ratio test range 1~4000

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