Transformer capacity tester

Transformer capacity tester

Type: ZC-202B
        ZC-202B  transformer capacity and empty load tester is a new type of instrument specially developed and designed by our company for bad power users to evade basic electricity charges and increase capacity without proper preparation, which is used for measuring transformer capacity, no-load, load and other characteristic parameters. This instrument is a multi-function measuring instrument, which is equivalent to two kinds of testing instruments: transformer capacity tester + transformer characteristic parameter tester. It can accurately measure a series of power frequency parameters such as capacity, type, no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit (load) loss, impedance voltage and so on.
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Product Features
     1, can accurately measure the capacity of various distribution transformers, convenient and accurate.
     2. The no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit voltage and short-circuit (load) loss of the transformer can be measured.
     3. Automatic range switching within the instrument allows wide range of voltage and current measurement and simple wiring.
     4. When doing no-load and load tests of three-phase transformer, the instrument can automatically judge whether the connection is correct and display the vector diagram of three-phase voltage and current.
      5. The single machine can complete the load test measurement of the distribution transformer under 1000KVA with full current; Load testing of distribution transformers up to 3150KVA can be completed at 1/3 rated current (the instrument can convert load loss parameters to the rated current at 1/3 rated current).
Working power Input voltage 185Vac~250Vac
Allowable input voltage 85Vac~264Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Allowable frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Input power 40VA
Joint Standard AC socket 60320
AC voltage Range 10~650V
Resolving power 0.001V
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001V
AC Current Range 0.5~60A
Resolving power 0.001A
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001A

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