Transformer comprehensive characteristic test bench

Transformer comprehensive characteristic test bench

Type: ZC-200
       ZC - 200 transformer performance test bed for power supply and distribution system, power transformer factory, industrial and mining enterprises, such as transformer comprehensive test-bed can truly judge power transformer no-load current, no-load loss, impedance voltage and load loss, accurate measurement of power transformer dc resistance, variable ratio, also may carry on the frequency doubling of subjects transformer induction and power frequency withstand voltage test. The device measuring part by single-chip microcomputer control, digital display, open circuit, short circuit test data such as synchronous sampling by single-chip microcomputer, avoid the traditional test method of voltage, ampere meter, power meter readings and respectively calculated by the artificial error caused by the implementation of state diagnosis, to ensure the safe operation, provides the reliable data for monitoring or repaired the transformer.
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Product Features
      1. Transformer no-load, load, dc resistance, variable ratio polarity test.
      2.Transformer no-load, load, dc resistance, variable ratio polarity test through the industrial control machine to complete the test;
      3.Adopt electric control voltage regulating system. Automatic pressure rise and fall, digital display;
      4.As this test is safety gauge high-pressure test, in order to ensure the safety of test equipment and personal safety, this test is not completed by industrial PC.
      5.Transformer comprehensive test bed for each test unit and instrument monitoring data collection;
DC resistance measurement accuracy:0.2% Test current:2A、5A、10A、20A    Measuring range:2mΩ~2kΩ
Ratio measurement accuracy:0.2% Measuring range: 1~1000
No-load current, short circuit impedance measurement accuracy: 0.2% Measurement accuracy of empty load loss:0.2%±0.05D;  Power factor:0.01~1.00
AC output voltage 50kV~100kV~200kV

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