Automatic transformer excitation characteristic test bench

Automatic transformer excitation characteristic test bench

Type: ZC-130
       The transformer direct resistance excitation characteristic test bench has the function of one-time wiring and simultaneous measurement of volt-ampere characteristics/excitation characteristics of multiple transformers, and has the ability to connect to computer operation. The test results of multiple transformers are directly imported into the computer to form a standard report. The efficiency and test accuracy of the test are greatly improved. The test bench has the characteristics of stable performance, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, and convenient to move. It is the first choice for transformer manufacturers, provincial power companies, and electric power institutes.
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Product Features
     1. Fully automatic acquisition, measurement, display, storage and printing of all measurement parameters and excitation characteristics data (voltage, current, device number, time, etc.).
     2.super large range, fully automatic and manual measurement of all transformer excitation data and its characteristic curve.
     3.built-in large capacity memory, can store test data, and can be uploaded to PC through standard industrial communication interface (RS232), using the random software developed by the company to achieve data download, automatic generation and editing of typical test reports, easy technical management And archive.
AC voltage Range 0~300V
Resolution 0.001V
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001V
Alternating current Range 0~20A
Resolution 0.001V
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001V

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