PT comprehensive Characteristic Tester

PT comprehensive Characteristic Tester

Type: ZC-121A
    ZC-121A transformer comprehensive tester is a new generation of innovative CT and PT testing instrument, which is developed after extensive listening to users' opinions, a lot of market research and in-depth theoretical research on the basis of the traditional transformer voltage-current characteristic variable polarity comprehensive tester based on voltage regulator, voltage booster and current booster. The device adopts high performance DSP and FPGA and advanced manufacturing technology, which guarantees stable and reliable product performance, complete function, high automation degree, high test efficiency and leading level in China. It is a professional test instrument for transformers in the power industry.
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Product Features
    1.Fully functional, satisfy all kinds of CT (such as: protection, metering, TP) excitation characteristics (i.e., volt-ampere characteristics), variable ratio, polarity, the secondary winding resistance, secondary load, poor contrast and the Angle of test requirements, and can be used for all kinds of PT electromagnetic unit excitation characteristics, strain ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance and contrast test.
    2. There is no need for standard current transformers, current lifters, load boxes, voltage regulating control boxes and high-current conductors for on-site verification of current transformers. Simple test wiring and operation are used to realize verification of current transformers, which greatly reduces the working intensity and improves the working efficiency and facilitates on-site verification of current transformers.
    3. It can accurately measure the variable-ratio difference and angular difference, with the maximum permissible error of ratio difference ±0.05% and the maximum permissible error of angular difference ±2min. It can measure the current transformer of grade 0.2S, with the measurement range of variable-ratio from 1 to 40,000.
    4. After selecting the special lifter of our company, the current of 180A can be output to facilitate field flow test.
    5.Based on the advanced frequency conversion method to test the CT/PT volt-ampt-characteristic curve and the 10% error curve, the output maximum ac voltage of 180V and the ac current of 12Arms(peak 36A) can cope with the CT test of up to 60KV at the inflection point.
    6. CT and PT parameters such as inflection voltage/current, 10%(5%) error curve, ALF, FS, Ts, Kr, saturation and unsaturated inductance are given automatically.
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