Capacitive voltage transformer field calibrator

Capacitive voltage transformer field calibrator

Type: ZC-120B
       The CT analyzer introduces some new ideas in its design, including inter-frequency power supply technology, universal platform technology, voltage simulation load, internal high-precision voltage transformer and self-boosting power supply. When using the instrument, users feel more convenient, fast and efficient. The instrument adopts WINCE system, humanized color touch screen operation, direct and convenient man-machine interface.
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Product Features
     1. The measurement of the GIS electromagnetic voltage transformer (PT) and the capacitive voltage transformer (CVT) error (ratio difference, angular difference) can be completed by a single tester. At the same time, it can measure the capacitance division ratio, the voltage dividing capacitance, the intermediate PT ratio, the intermediate voltage, and the DC resistance of the CVT.
     2, with polarity, ratio, wiring check function.
     3, complete all tests at one time, improve work efficiency, avoid damage to the person and instrument caused by operational errors, and ensure safety.
     4. It has the characteristics of fast test speed, large amount of processing information and large storage capacity (capable of storing millions of data). The memory is 16G and can store millions of data.
     5. The tester adopts frequency conversion technology and digital processing, and has strong anti-interference ability on site.
     6. The maximum voltage of the test process does not exceed 4kV, and various protective measures are taken to ensure personal safety and equipment safety and reliability.
     7. The test process is simple to operate.
Accuracy of voltage division capacitance measurement 2%
Accuracy of DC resistance measurement 0~0.1Ω;3%
Internal standard voltage transformer 0.02class
Voltage range 0~100V (indicator error 0.5%)
Ratio difference: 0.001%~30% (100V)
Angle difference 0.00'~50' (100V)
Admittance 0.1mS~99.9mS

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