Current and voltage transformer load box

Current and voltage transformer load box

Type: ZC-114
ZC-114 current and voltage transformer load box is an ideal supporting product for various transformer verification devices, which is specially designed for the inspection of current and voltage transformers. This product is designed in strict accordance with national standards JG 313-2010 verification regulation of measuring current transformer and JJG 314-2010 verification regulation of measuring voltage transformer. It has the advantages of large output capacity, complete load types, light weight, beautiful appearance and strong stability.
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Product Features
1. It has light display, specific gear indication - clear vision, automatic start-up refresh, and reasonable design of manual automatic switch button. When connecting the platform, it usually turns to the automatic button, when it is necessary to make manual selection, it turns to the manual button, voltage gear and current - sample. Each gear has light prompt.
2. In order to ensure the stability of instrument error accuracy, more than 90% of internal components are imported brands, to minimize the failure probability of equipment.
3. Full electronic load box, automatic transfer of load point, whether current load or voltage load, only need to give a command to automatically switch the load inside the load box to real load, not analog load or virtual load of other manufacturers.
4. The load box is designed with printed circuit board to minimize wiring, reduce contact resistance, reduce resistance and improve stability.
5. The current volt ampere number used has a light display, which is very eye-catching.
6. Start the machine and refresh automatically, and automatically detect the load of each gear. The interface layout design is beautiful and easy to operate.
7. The overall design idea and level are better than most of the load boxes in China.
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