Current transformer field calibratorer

Current transformer field calibratorer

Type: ZC-110
      Our company has developed the field calibrator of hgql-h current transformer according to the field needs. It can be used to measure the error (ratio difference, Angle difference) of current transformer. High precision, good stability, small volume, light weight features greatly convenient to users.
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Product Features
      1. Current transformer error field tester adopts recursion method to measure the error of current transformer, so as to facilitate on-site verification of metering devices
      2, the current transformer without the standard current transformer, inverter, load cases, regulating control box and high-current conductor, using a very simple test wiring and realization of current transformer test operation, greatly reduce the working intensity and improves the work efficiency, convenient to carry out the transformer on-site verification work
      3. The field tester for current transformer error has a standard voltage transformer which is equivalent to the same transformer ratio of the current transformer under test. Its accuracy can reach level 0.02, which is equivalent to level 0.05s current transformer, so that the transformer ratio and no-load error of the current transformer under test can be accurately measured. Then the error of the transformer is calculated by combining the test results of impedance and admittance
      4. Adopt different frequency power source test close to the power frequency to prevent electromagnetic radiation and series interference of the on-site power frequency
      5. The measurement range is wide, which can be used to measure both current transformers with standard ratio and current transformers with non-standard ratio
      6. The accuracy of the transformer calibrator attached to the instrument can be verified by the instrument calibrator
      7. Directly integrate the field data to determine whether it is qualified or unqualified
Working conditions
AC 220V 10% / 50Hz 2%
The ambient temperature 0-40℃
Ambient humidity < 85% at 25℃
Machine weight ≤5kg
The overall volume 420mm×330mm×170mm

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