Intelligent transformer calibrator

Intelligent transformer calibrator

Type: ZC-103
ZC-103 Intelligent transformer calibrator, also known as current transformer or voltage transformer calibrator is mainly used for CT PT error calibration. Intelligent instrument transformer calibrator is used in measurement, power supply and other departments and instrument transformer manufacturers, and is an ideal instrument for instrument transformer detection
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Product Features
1. 5-inch LCD, large visual range, with long-life backlight lighting, easy to use, superior to many manufacturers' display technology; Chinese operation interface;
2. Highly integrated: error, signal status are all integrated on the display, intuitive;
3. Highly intelligent: secondary open circuit, wiring error, transformer ratio error, acute error and other alarm information are directly displayed on the LCD of calibrator;
4. It can realize the measurement of transformer automatically, and can switch the current and voltage load box automatically without human intervention;
5. The instrument can reach level 1. At present, most calibrators in the market use resistance capacitance phase shifting 90 method to realize data measurement, which is easily affected by the ambient temperature and power frequency. Once the above environment changes, the measurement data will be greatly affected;
6. The dial indicator, ratio difference and angle difference are displayed in large font, which is convenient for users to observe;
7. Fully meet the requirements of 1jg314-2010 and jjg314-2010, automatic sampling;
8. Automatic judgment of polarity error, ratio error;
9. The upper computer software has the open function of virtual instrument;
10. Completely solve the problem of S-level measurement;
11. Automatic range switching;
12. It adopts the perfect combination of advanced and unique circuit and DSP technology to completely eliminate the instability of resistance capacitance phase-shifting circuit;
13. Check the angle difference and specific difference of current and voltage transformer:
14. It can measure the impedance of secondary load of current transformer; it can measure the admittance of secondary load of voltage transformer:
15. It can measure AC small current and AC small voltage:
16. RS232 communication interface.
Zc-103 intelligent instrument transformer calibrator is a new kind of automatic testing instrument. It uses advanced electronic technology to directly decompose the error signal of the instrument transformer. After proper calculation, the percentage point in-phase error and orthogonal error of the instrument transformer are displayed in digital quantity at the same time. The instrument has the advantages of simple operation, direct reading, rapid measurement, low power consumption and labor intensity, small volume, light weight, easy carrying and field test, and can be tested under 5% rated working current (voltage); In addition, the company is required to also be able to produce S-class current transformer and voltage intelligent transformer calibrator with secondary voltage of 100 / 3V. At this time, the instrument can measure the error of current transformer under 1% rated working current; during the detection process, the instrument can easily self calibrate at any time to ensure the accuracy of the instrument; The key components are imported components with stable and reliable quality, which are widely used in measurement, power supply and other departments and transformer manufacturers. They are ideal instruments for transformer detection.
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