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Operation method of transformer no load & load characte

1. It can measure no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit voltage and short-circuit (load) loss of transformer.
2. Zero sequence impedance test of transformer can be carried out.
3. The internal range of the instrument is automatically switched, allowing a wide range of voltage and current measurement and simple wiring.
4. During the no-load and load test of three-phase transformer, the instrument can automatically judge whether the wiring is correct and display the pharos diagram of three-phase voltage and current.
5. A single machine can complete the load test measurement of distribution transformer under 1000KVA under full current; it can complete load test measurement of distribution transformer below 3150KVA under one third of rated current (under one third of rated current, the instrument can convert load loss parameters under rated current).
6. All test results are automatically corrected. The instrument can automatically carry out a variety of corrections, such as waveform correction, temperature correction, non rated voltage correction and non rated current correction, so as to improve the accuracy of test results.
7. 320x240 large screen, high brightness liquid crystal display, full English menu and operation tips realize friendly man-machine dialogue, touch the button to make operation easier, wide temperature LCD band brightness adjustment, can adapt to winter and summer seasons.
8. The instrument can preset 40 groups of test object parameters by the user, and these parameters can be deleted and added at any time according to the needs, so it is very convenient to use.
9. It has a real-time electronic clock, which can automatically record the date and time of the test, which is conducive to the preservation and management of the experimental results.
10. Panel type thermal printer can print test results quickly on site.
11. The data (sample setting, measurement results, test time, etc.) has the function of power-off storage and browsing, which can store 500 groups of experimental results, and can transmit data online with the computer.
12. External voltage transformer and current transformer are allowed to carry out extended range measurement, and the test object with any parameter can be measured.
Operation method of transformer no load &  load characte(图1)
1. Keyboard usage
"OK" key to select the current input, "Cancel" can eliminate the error input just now, "up", "down", "and" → "can easily move the cursor. The "switch" key is a spare key. At the bottom of the keyboard are 0 ~ 9 data keys. During data input, these numeric keys can be used to input data conveniently.
2. Introduction of main interface
The main interface is shown in the figure below, which is composed of the following modules.
Operation method of transformer no load &  load characte(图2)
Figure 1 main interface of no load tester
1. No load test: the no-load loss of single-phase transformer and three-phase transformer can be measured in this menu.
2. Load test: the load loss of single-phase transformer and three-phase transformer can be measured in this menu.
3. Zero sequence impedance: test the zero sequence impedance of transformer.
4. Data browsing: browse and delete the stored data.
5. System settings: set the current system time, system parameters, etc.
6. Manufacturer setting: this function is used for production adjustment and trial use.
3. Management and operation of sample parameters
1) In the main interface, move the cursor to the sample parameter menu through the direction key on the keyboard, and then press the OK key to enter the sample parameter management operation selection interface as follows:
Operation method of transformer no load &  load characte(图3)
Figure 2 sample parameter management interface
2) Select Add parameter in the above interface and the following page of adding test object parameter appears:
Operation method of transformer no load &  load characte(图4)
Fig. 3 adding test sample parameter page
In the figure above, the number column is the number of the transformer. The length of the number is 7 digits. The first two digits represent the transformer type, and the last five digits represent the transformer capacity (the maximum capacity value of operation input is 63000), and the unit is KVA. If the transformer type is S9 and the capacity is 315KVA, the number column should be input: 0900315.
The data input method is as follows (taking Un1 as an example, the input value is 35.00): use the direction key to move the cursor to the data input field after Un1, input 35.00 directly through the numeric keyboard, and press OK after the input is completed. Note that when the cursor stays in the input field after Un1, the "rated voltage at high voltage side" will be prompted at the bottom of the screen (the parameter meaning of the current cursor input field is always prompted at the bottom of the screen).
3) Select the modification parameter in Figure 4, the following page of transformer number selection appears:
Operation method of transformer no load &  load characte(图5)
Figure 4 selection of transformer number page
Select the number of the parameters to be pre modified by the direction key, and then press the OK key to enter the parameter modification page of the test object. The parameter modification page is the same as that in Figure 3.
4) In Figure 4, select to delete parameters, the page of selecting transformer number in Figure 4 will appear. After selecting the number, press OK key to delete the transformer parameter configuration of the number.