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Three Phase Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester

       Product Introduction:

       Liquid crystal display, finished printing, intuitive interface, high degree of automation. The use of advanced digital signal processing technology, strong anti-jamming performance, high precision measurement results. The user can observe the signal waveform directly from the liquid crystal display screen, and has the function of the oscilloscope, and is safe and reliable. Using isolation transformer and high resistance voltage, so as to avoid the small size of PT two side short circuit, light weight, easy to carry electricity, power outages, test rooms are applicable.

Kvtester-Three Phase Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester
        Product Features

        1.Instrument standard configuration without high-energy lithium ion battery, optional with built-in battery.

        2.5.7 inch 320 x 240 liquid crystal display, high speed thermal printer; graphic display, intuitive interface, easy to operate and use at the scene.
        3.Apply to the lightning arrester,power cut off and test room to use.
        4.Current and voltage sensors are completely isolated, safe and reliable. Truly three-phase current, three-phase voltage be tested at the same time, improve work efficiency;
        5.Instrument can be continuous testing, display voltage and current curves, and can quickly print data and curves.

        6.Internal configuration memory, 200 sets of test data can be dropped.
        Optional RS232 communication interface, can be carried out by the host computer to test and derive the test data.