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DC high voltage generator

       The portable DC high voltage generator is also called DC high voltage generator, straight high frequency, DC generator, high voltage generator, high frequency DC high voltage generator, AC and DC high voltage generator., and intermediate frequency DC high voltage generator,then what are its characteristics?

Kvtester-Series DC High Voltage Tester
      1. Small size, light weight, more beautiful, more reliable, easy to operate, complete in function, easy to use in the field, it is the most ideal and reliable product in the new century.

      2, using the most advanced technology, process manufacturing, take the lead in applying the latest PWM high-frequency pulse width modulation technology, pulse train logic array modulation, using high-power IGBT devices, using high-frequency technology to increase the frequency, the frequency is up to 100kHz, so that the output high voltage is stable The degree is higher and the Bovin coefficient is smaller.

      3. High precision and accurate measurement. The voltage and current are digital display, the voltage resolution is 0.1kv, and the current resolution is 0.1uA. The voltage meter on the control box directly displays the voltage value added to the load test sample. No external voltage divider is needed for use, and the wiring is simple. The instrument has high and low voltage ends to measure leakage current, and the high voltage end is displayed by a circular shielding digital meter. It is not afraid of discharge shock and has good anti-interference performance, and is suitable for on-site use.