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Transformer fault analysis and processing

      When the transformer is in normal operation, it will emit a continuous and even “click” sound. If the generated sound is uneven or there are other special sounds, it should be regarded as abnormal operation of the transformer, and the fault can be found according to the sound and processed in time. There are mainly the following aspects of failure:

         An overvoltage has occurred in the grid. When single-phase grounding or electromagnetic resonance occurs in the grid, the transformer sound is sharper than usual. When this happens, a comprehensive judgment can be made in conjunction with the indication of the voltmeter.

        The transformer is overloaded. The load changes greatly, and due to the harmonic action, the intermittent sound of "wow" or "giggle" occurs instantaneously in the transformer, and the pointer of the measuring instrument is oscillated, and the pitch is high and the volume is large.

        The transformer clamp or screw is loose. The sound is louder than usual and has obvious noise. However, if there is no obvious abnormality in current and voltage, the internal clamp or the screw of the pressed core may be loose, resulting in increased vibration of the silicon steel sheet.