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Why use a large current to measure the loop resistance of th

         Power System Many high-current electrical equipment requires accurate measurement of the resistance of the circuit during preventive testing and handover tests. The circuit breaker is an important electrical equipment for the power system. The national standard GB763, GB50150 and the power industry standard DL/T596 have specified the measurement of the resistance loop resistance of the circuit breaker: it should be measured by the DC voltage drop method, and the current is not less than 100A.

         The resistance of the circuit breaker conductive circuit mainly depends on the contact resistance between the moving and static contacts of the circuit breaker. The presence of contact resistance increases the loss of the conductor when it is energized, so that the temperature at the contact increases, and the value of the value directly affects the current carrying capacity during normal operation, which affects the cutting ability of the short-circuit current to a certain extent. Therefore, the resistance value of each phase of the circuit breaker is an important data for circuit breaker installation, overhaul and quality acceptance.

         The loop resistance tester developed by our company adopts the latest power supply technology, with high precision, small size, light weight and simple wiring, which makes it easier and more convenient to test the loop resistance of the field circuit breaker.