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How to use transformer ratio tester?

        After purchasing the transformer ratio tester , it is not only necessary to know how to repair it, but also how to use it. Only in this way can it have a very good detection effect in the whole process of use and have a very good detection and protection effect on the resistance voltage. Then how to use it?


Kvtester-Kvtester-Transformer Ratio Tester
     First, when everybody in the use of transformer variable ratio tester , voltage value of it has to have a certain understanding, must will its voltage control in a reasonable scope, because more than the voltage value, for the whole testing is a very big problem, at the time of testing there will be a lot of trouble, lead to detect the data is not accurate, can't provide very good reference data, so when choosing variable ratio tester use transformer, you need to know about the voltage value is it ahead of time what ah?

    Second, when everybody before use must be tested parts of it, have a look at whether is loose, and also need to line detection of it, know the connection is normal, after will be designated the two aspects, also can at the time of the whole testing is a very accurate data can make the whole testing, has a very good reference data. If it is loose, we need to communicate with the manufacturer directly to know how to solve it. Don't try to solve it without permission, otherwise it will only lead to more problems in the