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The future trend of "green" transformer industry

On July 30, the catalogue of industries encouraging foreign investment (2019 version) was officially implemented. The fields of high-end production, intelligent production and green production have become "fragrant pastry" invested by foreign investors. Together, they also point out the direction for the future development of China's production industry.
As an important equipment of the power industry, according to the current situation and characteristics of transformer production in China, which direction should we develop to get more support from the national policy, so as to walk on the fast track?
"The most important direction of transformer career development in China should be green production. Green production is not only the biggest advantage of transformer production in our country, but also the direction of development in the future. It is still the direction inspired by the national policy, so it is the most suitable direction and opportunity for transformer production in our country. " Luo Hong, an expert in the industry and a legal expert in the think tank for safeguarding the rights and interests of enterprises of China Federation of industrial economics, told reporters.
"Compared with high-end industries, transformer manufacturing is still a labor-intensive industry, and it is difficult to obtain the policy support of the state, local governments or financial institutions in the field of high-end production." Luo Hong said that over the years, the vast majority of transformer enterprises in China are lack of technical support in terms of volume, investment, research and development ability, skill storage, talent storage, market promotion and development ability, and related areas.
Now, abb, Siemens, Schneider, etc. are vigorously carrying out intelligent production, including intelligent transformers or related channels and systems, but each of the three giants has its own priorities. In fact, from the strategic objectives of the three industrial giants, they have gradually faded out of the low value-added transformer manufacturing industry. The so-called intelligent transformer they vigorously proposed is more like an idea than a profitable industry.
"In my opinion, in the field of intelligent production, it is very difficult for China's transformer manufacturing enterprises to obtain policy support from the state, local and financial institutions." Luo Hong shows.
In fact, in the field of green production, China's transformer manufacturing enterprises have achieved good results and have incomparable competitive advantages. Green production of transformer includes green production, green product planning, green raw materials, green product application (recyclable, easy to maintain) and green product function (energy saving and emission reduction).
From the point of view of planning, China's transformer enterprises have the open type three-dimensional core dry-type transformer with complete intellectual property rights. They have completed the green planning, saving materials, electricity, safety and reliability, recyclable and detachable, which has no harm to the environment. Together, they have the guarantee of production technology, and their development space is unlimited. In the field of oil immersed transformers, the development of vegetable oil transformers will greatly improve the level of green development of transformers in China. Vegetable oil transformer has the characteristics of environmental protection planning, safety, material saving and pollution-free. China also has independent intellectual property rights and reliable development in the field of vegetable oil production and raw materials. Now, the development of amorphous raw materials in China has laid a solid foundation for amorphous transformers in China. In addition, China's enterprises also have a place and reliable supply of environmental friendly waterborne paint for green production of transformers. In order to help the development of green transformers in China and look forward to the shopping malls in China, DuPont and Cargill, two industrial giants, have vigorously promoted their series of transformer insulation paper and transformer vegetable oil to support the green transformers in China.
"Although the international giants gradually fade out of the scope of transformer production, the huge opportunity of green production has not been satisfied by the transformer industry in China. Some transformer enterprises prefer traditional production, but they do not have a deep understanding of the advanced concept of green production and lack of executive ability. In fact, green transformer manufacturing has become a historical opportunity that has not been fully recognized and proposed in the process of transformer career development in China, but it is extremely practical to develop in the direction of high-end manufacturing. " Industry experts said.
In view of the upgrading, safety and environmental protection needs of transformer products, as well as the huge volume of power market in China, the production of green transformers in China has great room for development in China's shopping malls. In the world shopping malls, along with all the other countries along the route, China's green transformer manufacturing has the advantages of supply chain, cluster advantages, first mover advantage, planning advantages, project contracting and matching. Advantages are incomparable to many later developing countries.
"Only by sticking to the path of green development of transformers, can Chinese transformer manufacturers get on the fast track of our government's encouragement policy and put forward their own solutions to the huge market demand." Luo Hong said.