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ct pt testing

         Kvtester Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating research, production and commerce. We are a professional manufacturer of electrical equipment (design and production). Kvtester provides advanced high-voltage test equipment and testing equipment for electrical systems, scientific research institutes and electrical equipment manufacturers. Our products are widely used in electric power, water, petroleum, railway, mining and chemical industries. CTA-1000 tester is one of the company's main research and development products.

       It is a convenient and fast field test and calibration metering and protection current transformer. Current transformers, high voltage transformers and switchgear manufacturers are also using CT analyzers for development and production. CT testers are widely used, and new testers are involved in the development of new energy. This is an indelible effect. .

      Our company conducts many tests and research on our main products to meet the requirements of users. When testing, we will continue to innovate online products and conduct in-depth research on program development.

Kvtester-CT/PT Analyzer