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A CTA-1000C analyzer was sent abroad

       Yesterday a CT PT analyzer CTA-1000C was sent to our US customers.

      As you know, our company is a manufacturer of CT PT analyzer  for 10 years. We have more than 3 CT PT testers with different precisions. Usually our engineers will recommend the right test

Kvtester-CT/PT Analyzer
      Our ct analyzer has the following features:

      1. Easy to use: the current transformer can be evaluated in a few seconds with the push of a button;
      2. The highest measurement accuracy: 0.05% / 2 minutes during field calibration;
      3. According to IEC and IEEE standards;
      4. The duration of the automatic test is <2min;
      5. Security - Test up to 180V;
      6. Very compact and lightweight (<9kg / 19.8lbs);
      7. Easy to carry and anti-vibration.