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Transformer DC Resistance Tester

       Our  ZC-205A-10A   transformer tester  is controlled by the microcontroller, with a high degree of automation, automatic discharge functions. It is a test instrument of high precision, simple, direct way to achieve fast transformer measurement.

       Product Features:

       1. Whole instrument controlled by high speed SCM, high automatic degree and simple operation.

       2. This transformer tester uses advanced power technology, has multiple current positions, and has a wide test range, which is suitable for testing the DC resistance of large and medium-sized transformers.

       3. Has a complete circuit protection, reliable

       4. Discharge alarm, discharge indicator clear, reduces misuse.

       5. The transformer tester has a fast response speed and can be directly converted into a load tap changer under the measurement state, and the instrument automatically refreshes the data.

       6. With RS232 and USB interface, computer communications and U disk storage.

Kvtester-transformer tester