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CT Analyzer Tester

       Now our staff are packing the CT analyzer package. Later , Fedex will come to pick it up. Our CT Analyzer parameters is as the below for your reference.

Type CTA-1000C
Function CT, PT
Output 0~180Vrms,12Arms,36A( Peak value )
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.2%
CT ratio test Range 1~40000
  Accuracy ±0.1%
PT ratio test Range 1~40000
  Accuracy ±0.1%
Phase test Accuracy ±5min
  Resolving power 0.5min
Secondary resistance test Range 0~300Ω
  Accuracy 0.5%±2mΩ
AC burden test Range 0~1000VA
  Accuracy 0.5%±0.05VA
Input voltage AC220V±10%,50Hz
Work environment Temperature :-10οC~50οC, Humidity :≤90%
Size/Weight 365 mm×290 mm×153mm, Weight <10kg
Kvtester-CT/PT Analyzer
Kvtester-CT/PT Analyzer